Sunday, January 12, 2014

"Not recommended for under Thirteen Years of Age"

I've been reading a lot of "teen girl" books. Like, I read the Princess Diaries series when I was - what - ten years old?? even when it had some sort of "Teens Only" recommendation for it. Lame. I understood everything perfectly, except for some media references by Mia "Pop Culture Princess" Thermopolis.

Then we have books like "How I Lost You" by Janet Gurtler, which has intimate references and makes me totally frustrated with the main character, Grace: her best friend, Kya, often needs rescuing and Grace to have her back. Like trying to save someone who's drowning, Kya is pulling Grace down too, who should start looking out more for herself, following her own dreams.

I read TTYL, by Lauren Myracle (and its sequels TTFN and L8R, G8R) about twice already and am reading them for the third time. They do have swearing and references to physical intimacy - which I try to skip over - but otherwise, reading them is like reading a note from your best friend.

To be honest, books for teen girls are for all ages. They're harmless - other than that, of course, it was with their help and my classmate's "awkward" references that I pieced together what "Slept with him" was. At least I'm not that stereotypical kid who asks, "Where do babies come from?"

It's enough that the Fertilization Process is known to everyone and yet no one discusses it openly - always using lame code words - but to be the one person who really is clueless? No one would have told me what sex was if I'd asked. I mean, before I kind of put 2 and 2 together, I'd thought that babies came when someone got married - like an outsidish process would spiritually instill a baby. I don't know, OK? I was eight years old and questioning the theory when I thought so!!

But I digress.

Once you know what everyone's blushing about, then there's really nothing to keep you from reading these books. They're not so bad, and the point is not about swearing or intimacy, it's something that other books can be about - friendship, adventure, et cetera. If you go on Wattpad? Do NOT go to Romance genres. I repeat: do NOT go to the Romance genre books!! The intimacy there is sooooo tacky and cheap.

What YOU want is the deep stuff, something not all "teen" books have. Get something timeless, not something meant for romance. After all, teen books reflect our changing thought waves and erring waves. If you're not careful, they could instill sarcasm and sharp words for the novel, not the smiles and good reviews every author wants.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Preview: In Unknown Peril

Author's Note: This story is about my BFF MARINA. :) It was about time. Anyways: all right copyright to me, all ideas and phrases and names and anything all belong to me . . . infringement will be punished. Okay, on a happier note, see if you can guess what power I speak of at the end!

A cold breeze danced through the open window, numbing her hands and bare feet. Something drew her there, to breathe the crisp air, fresh like an autumn apple. The tall evergreen trees that rose before her window towered over the house, adding to the beautiful scents.
Her routine was normal, that much she knew. Wake up, get dressed, eat breakfast, brush your teeth. Maybe her wonderings and constant big thoughts were normal too for a girl her age. Especially on a cool morning like this, the world felt bigger than school and homework and a stale schedule. On a morning like this, she could inhale the knowledge that someday, she would be unbounded by stereotypical thirteen-year-old limitations. Finally free.
So perhaps these thoughts were normal.
But she was not a normal girl.

Marina can feel nature in all its possible senses - natural world, physical universe, material world/ material universe - life in general and phenomena that no one understands . . . scents, sights, touch, sounds and tastes . . . in every season, every day, in every forest there are rich moments of the wild knowledge that this is nature, this is something to be cherished.

On the day she turned thirteen, Marina discovered that this unusual quality was tied to something else. Something powerful that would change her view of the world forever. But she's not the only one . . .

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Kitty&Cindy: The Whipper

Author's Note: All text and quotes and names and details are copyright to myself and any copying or infringement will be tracked down and punished. It's a promise.
This is a Super Kitties story: Kitty and Cindy meet The Whipper (and Thunderstar and Riverstar, too).
Cindy pushed away her pina colada cocktail and faced her sister. “Kitty, something extremely strange is going on at this party. This is supposed to be Whisker Village – nothing happens here.” She lifted her head to sniff delicately at the air. “But something bad is going to happen. I feel it in the scent of the rain.”
Kitty glanced around at the handsome tomcats and pretty she-cats around her. “Something strange will happen, that’s for sure, but how do you know it will be for worse?” Her eyes twinkled like indigo stars at Cindy, and she meowed saucily, “We’re safe and sound at this party, and especially by those tomcats who’ve been eyeing you since the raffle.”

Cindy turned to where Kitty had nodded her head, and spotted the handsome cats who were talking with each other, occasionally glancing at the sisters. “They’re talking about us.” Cindy looked at Kitty, who had ducked her head bashfully. “Think they’ll ask us to dance? This is my favourite song.” The DJ cat had put on “Macavity,” which was the most suave song Cindy could think of.
Kitty froze and stared. “We’re about to find out.” Cindy rolled her eyes as Kitty puffed out her chest a little and began coyly licking her paw. Instead, Cindy took another sip of her pineapple/coconut drink. One thing about the tropics was, there were always new things for the senses. Taste, sight, smell, sound, and feel of ferns brushing against one’s fur . . . . she purred.
A scent hinting at a Blossom’s Beauty Shop product wafted through the air and Cindy looked up from her daydreaming simultaneously as Kitty stopped washing. The tomcats had come. One had gray fur that ranged in shades so as to look like rippling water when he moved, and his tail swished like a cattail in the wind. Cindy refrained from snorting as she remembered a joke about cattails that she and Kitty shared.
The other tomcat’s fur was reddish-gold, like fallen leaves in autumn. His eyes were a deep amber colour that blazed at Kitty. He meowed in a deep voice, “Would you like to dance?”
Kitty purred. “I suppose. Have you seen the jellicle cat musical? It was a genius’s work . . .”
Cindy turned away from her flirtatious sister to look at the water-like gray tom. She gave him what she hoped was a questioning look. His eyes sparkled at her and he gestured with his tail to the shiny dance floor, where colourful spotlights flashed over dancing felines.
“May I have this dance?” he rumbled pleasantly. Cindy padded to his side and accompanied him to a free space where they began to fox-trot. Cindy sang along to the tunes.
Macavity, Macavity, there’s no one like Macavity
He’s a fiend in feline shape, a monster of depravity
You may meet him in a by-street; you may see him in the square
But when a crime’s discovered then Macavity’s not there!
Suddenly, a crash of thunder came and a flurry of raindrops hit Cindy’s pelt. She squinted into the flash of lightning, to see a figure standing in the now-open doorway.
A human figure.
What the heck was a human doing here, in Whisker Village? It was a cat town, here! Besides, etiquette declared that one should not crash a party, especially one that hosted a different species . . . her thoughts trailed off as the human, unmistakable female, threw her head back and cackled like a witch. In her right hand was a whip.
Cindy tore away from her dancing partner to where her sister stood amid the shell-shocked party cats, trying to sink her claws into the reflection-clean polished tiles. “It’s her,” Cindy hissed, casting hostile and angry glares to the human. “It’s the Whipper!”

Cindy and Kitty padded to the front of the dance crowd, to face the human, who was shaking her head at them as though they were misbehaving children.
“Haven’t you heard?” she asked. “No cat comes here without my permission now.” She turned away and flicked her hand towards herself, facing the rain. She was summoning something else. “Slash! Blade! You have your work cut out for you.”
Kitty growled ferociously as two vicious-looking badgers stalked as well as they could into the party building. Cindy heard a cat exhale and turned to see her dancing partner, who had told her his name was Riverstar, looking surprised at the sister’s ferocious demeanor. Indeed, moments before they had been sweet young ladies who alluringly swept their tails under their dancing partner’s chins. Now, they were like tigers.
The Whipper snarled. “What are you waiting for, badgers? Attack!”
One badger – the more striped one called Slash – leapt towards a young she-cat who just stood, petrified. Before she herself knew it, Cindy had crashed into and bowled over Slash, and was clinging to his back with three paws while clawing at his ears with her right front paw. Kitty jumped on the back of Blade and started fighting with him with the expert technique of a warrior.
Cindy fell over deliberately off the badger’s back and rolled under his stomach, passing a furious swipe at his belly before he could crush her by sitting down (which he tried to do). It gave her the change to flip right over him and pummel him with all her claws, wherever she could strike at his skin. His blood spattered the tiles. The badger howled and scampered back toward the human . . . who was far too big to fit into the entrance of the club. Kitty’s badger had crept away as well.
Cindy felt a quiet cat pad behind her and begin to clean her fur with calming, rhythmic strokes. Riverstar had come to her. “Where did you learn to fight like that?” he murmured into her ear. Cindy drooped. She was exhausted. You don’t know the half of it.  

Monday, August 19, 2013


Author's note: this poem was written by me, Twist, a thirteen year old, when I attended the camp SEEQ, which I discussed in Moxie Overdose. It is copyrighted to me. Absolutely no infringement, copying, or using my words in ANY way. No loopholes. Anyone who violates this will be given a fine to pay and/or severely punished.

I walk alone
in a crowd of friends
with not an ally.

They are paired up
talking and laughing
No one looks at me.

What expression do I wear on my face?
What seems to keep them away
like reversed polarities?

I walk alone
in a crowd of strangers
who do not know me.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Red - Taylor Swift

Loving him is like driving a new Maserati down a dead-end street
Faster than the wind, passionate as sin, ending so suddenly
Loving him was like trying to change your mind once you're already flying through the free fall
Like the colours in autumn so bright, just before they lose it all . . .

So goes the one of my favourite songs, Red, by my favourite singer, Taylor Swift. When I am in a sad mood, this song can make me cry, as I can feel the power and meaning that this song brings. A love that was passionate and unstoppable but, alas, short-lived. The composition, feeling, notes and words of the song all compose the most beautiful song.

It always immediately reminds me of the ISU (Independent Study Unit) of my former classmate, Taniya (who will be in high school this year), on love. Through her research, the kinds of love came down to this:
1. Like a deep friendship
2. Passionate, holding-hands-by-the-sunset love that is exactly described by "Red."

The first is long-term. The second, short-lived, like a match that shines brightly but burns out because it cannot hold the fire forever. That is what I am reminded of when I hear Red. A candle that shone bright as forest fire until it inevitable burnt out.

Losing him was blue, like I'd never known
Missing him was dark grey, all alone
Forgetting him was like trying to know somebody you've never met
But loving him was red

Remembering him comes in flashbacks, and echoes
Tell myself it's time now, got to let go
But moving on from him is impossible when I still see it all in my head
Burning red!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Preview: Behind the Velvet Curtains (copyright to ME)

This is a preview to a book I am writing, Behind the Velvet Curtains, that no one else may copy. It is copyrighted to ME. I hope you enjoy it - M, this one is for you! :) Vivian is really based on you.
" The shape of the room, the big picture, does not quite move together. Maybe it’s my overactive imagination. Maybe it’s because I’m not used to it. Maybe it’s incorrect feng shui. Maybe it’s that there are odd lines that form a certain vertical, rectangular shape behind the clothes in my open closet.

I move closer warily, the way you might approach a bomb you aren’t sure will go off. I push aside the clothes and wince when the hangers screech on the metal rung they hang on. Now I can clearly see it: the outline of a door."
Ever since Vivian Ali discovered a secret door in her closet, she is extremely satisfied to have found a personal refuge - just outside her room. A secret place, all to herself. Only when she makes a friend that matches her inquisitiveness, but with her own sense of cosmic belief, does she make a discovery that changes her view of the world, her perspective of teenage lives, and herself.
Her new friend Roxanne is absolutely ecstatic about the other world. Vivian knows what it reflects, and the dark underside of all the nonstop fun reveals itself to her, but Roxanne is being drawn in, and Vivian fears the consequences of becoming a permanent part of the parallel universe they never knew existed.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Objections against Magical Mystery Cure

Let me just say: there was waaaaay too much singing! I mean, SIX SONGS in like thirteen minutes?!

Also: the cutie mark switcheroo makes no sense at all.
Cutie marks are supposed to be reflections of what a pony's meant to do in life, their TALENT, what makes them special. You can't CHANGE your cutie mark even if you become really, really good at something else and you know that THAT'S what you love?

This is what Magical Mystery Cure tells us: the cutie marks of six ponies were switched. Shouldn't that mean that their TALENTS were switched up, too? Aren't cutie marks there because of a pony's TALENT??
Say the answer was no. Say that the cutie marks were switched. Then: helloooooo, they are only IMAGES on the side of a pony's flank! Magical Mystery Cure is suggesting that the cutie marks are tied to a destiny, but apparently not a talent, because talents were switched up. How is that possible? It doesn't make sense. How can you be destined to do something that you have no patience for?

My second big objection is what followed the switcheroo. Yes, Fluttershy helped Rainbow Dash (that on its own is kind of surprising, because Rainbow Dash seems to be nothing but self-centered and arrogant). Yes, she realized she liked being around animals. How does that give her, her cutie mark back? How does that prove "the magic of friendship"?? You discover what you like - how does helping a friend get you your cutie mark back???? It makes no sense at all!!!

Okay, number three: Twilight apparently becomes an alicorn because she 'deserved' it - because she created a new kind of magic. Hello - she did not CREATE the magic of friendship - even if there was an actual magic to it. Wasn't the whole point of MLP that it was always there?

Plus, aren't alicorns immortals? Celestia and Luna are definitely immortal. BOOM, another goddess out of nowhere! And why so young?

That being said, okay, she was a gifted magic apprentice, so maybe she was always meant to be powerful. Her cutie mark does seem to be vaguely galactic.
Alicorn I can deal with.
But a princess?

'Nuff said.