Thursday, August 1, 2013

Preview: Behind the Velvet Curtains (copyright to ME)

This is a preview to a book I am writing, Behind the Velvet Curtains, that no one else may copy. It is copyrighted to ME. I hope you enjoy it - M, this one is for you! :) Vivian is really based on you.
" The shape of the room, the big picture, does not quite move together. Maybe it’s my overactive imagination. Maybe it’s because I’m not used to it. Maybe it’s incorrect feng shui. Maybe it’s that there are odd lines that form a certain vertical, rectangular shape behind the clothes in my open closet.

I move closer warily, the way you might approach a bomb you aren’t sure will go off. I push aside the clothes and wince when the hangers screech on the metal rung they hang on. Now I can clearly see it: the outline of a door."
Ever since Vivian Ali discovered a secret door in her closet, she is extremely satisfied to have found a personal refuge - just outside her room. A secret place, all to herself. Only when she makes a friend that matches her inquisitiveness, but with her own sense of cosmic belief, does she make a discovery that changes her view of the world, her perspective of teenage lives, and herself.
Her new friend Roxanne is absolutely ecstatic about the other world. Vivian knows what it reflects, and the dark underside of all the nonstop fun reveals itself to her, but Roxanne is being drawn in, and Vivian fears the consequences of becoming a permanent part of the parallel universe they never knew existed.


  1. screams you are so great at writing!!

    and thank you I am honoured!

    1. Ah thank you so much, I love writing this story!
      No problem, this book easily stems from me picturing YOU as Vivian.